Suzuki Violin

Exceptional Suzuki Violin Lessons

Positive Encouragement for Children and Adults Alike

In her 12 years of teaching the Suzuki method of violin to children as young as 1 and a half years, Marcela Joachimstaler has seen how positive encouragement and assistance can help you or your child learn to play the violin like a classical expert.

Learning the violin has never been easier or more accessible to everyone! If you're between 1 ½ and 100, you're eligible to learn!  Hurry! Contact The Guitar Academy of Bowling Green today and enroll yourself for a fun-filled musical session.
very young female child playing a violin and smiling

Music Lessons act as a Catalyst for Improving Your Child's Academic Performance

It is known that learning an instrument can improve your child's academic performance and that applies to youngsters as well! We'll make sure that your child's natural potential unfolds under our experienced tutoring.

Your child will not only do better in school but will become more confident and happier as a person. Your child will really get a well-rounded experience from the Suzuki violin lessons that we provide.
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